Offices to let - Central Business District

  • Academia


    The Akademia Bank Center is conveniently located in district 5. A special feature of the complex is the fully restored classical facade with panoramic Danube views combined with modern technical and architectural solutions on the Akadémia street side maximally fulfilling the needs of an A class office building. The building which was renovated completely in 2000, is easily accessible both by public transportation and by car. The building has an underground garage with 140 parking places.

    Total property size: 13,207 sq m Available area: 8,387 sq m

  • Andrássy Palace

    Andrássy Palace

    Andrássy Palace is an exceptional twin office complex. It is located in the heart of Budapest between Andrássy út and Paulay utca. The renovation of the Andrássy building ensured that all original elements were retained and restored and it inherited a new roof conference room using a unique combination of glass, steel, wood and stone. The Paulay Ede building is a special contemporary in form wing of Andrássy building. Both buildings are awarded numerous special technical equipments, not least, angled glass facade, efficient and flexible floor plates, in each building and sophisticated mechanical systems.

    Total property size: 8,081 sq m Available area: 2,499 sq m

  • Bajcsy Irodaház fejlesztés

    Bajcsy Irodaház fejlesztés

    In the direct vicinity of government and bank quarters, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky 57. Office Building is in the neighbourhood of the rapidly developing Nyugati Square. The front of the building is under protection as a national monument. The offices are accessible through 2 entrances either from the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út or from the Jókai utca.

    Total property size: 23,235 sq m Available area: 19,850 sq m

  • Bank Center

    Bank Center

    Bank Center is one of the most prestigious modern office building in Budapest. The building is located on the most elegant square of downtown Budapest in the neighbourhood of the Hungarian National Bank and other bank headquarters. Because of its central location the building has outstanding access both by means of public transport and car. There are plenty of different services available inside the building and in the neighbouring area.

    Total property size: 29,305 sq m Available area: 6,049 sq m

  • BJ 48

    BJ 48

    BJ 48 Office Building was built in the turn of the century and its common areas are fully refurbished. Due to its central location the building is easily accessible both by car and public transportation.

    Total property size: 2,512 sq m Available area: 0 sq m

  • Central Udvar A

    Central Udvar A

    Central Udvar offers more than 13 000 m2 leasable office space including storage space and an underground parking garage. The office complex consisting of three buildings is located in the heart of downtown in the 7th district – near to Deák square and Astoria -accessible by all means of transport and offering all the services of a city center.

    Total property size: 9,260 sq m Available area: 687 sq m

  • City Center

    City Center

    The office building built in the end of 80's on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út close to Bazilika. Very good central location mainly for smaller size representation of multinational firms.

    Total property size: 8,580 sq m Available area: 1,823 sq m

  • Deák Palota

    Deák Palota

    Deák Palota is located in the very heart of Budapest by Vörösmarty square, among the big hotels of the city in one of the most elegant areas of Budapest. The main underground junction called Deák tér is 2 minutes walk only. Due to the central location it can be reached easily from several directions by car and by public transportation as well. Deák Palota is equipped by an intelligent building management system reducing service charge costs.

    Total property size: 3,457 sq m Available area: 819 sq m

  • East-West Business Center

    East-West Business Center

    East West Business Center is located in one of the biggest conjunctions of Budapest, next to Astoria. The modern office building offers totally 22,000 sq m office space in 9 floors (2500 sq m/floor). The minimum leasable unit is about 50 sq m. The building can be reached from several directions by public transportation and by car as well.

    Total property size: 23,154 sq m Available area: 3,452 sq m

  • Exchange Palace /Tőzsdepalota

    Exchange Palace /Tőzsdepalota

    The iconic building developed by Tippin Corporation will become the Number 1 office building in Budapest as the former headquarters of the Budapest Stock Exchange will be refurbished by Q4 2019 offering high class offices to its tenants. The first phase of development will be launched in Q2 2019 offering nearly 32,000 sq meters of premium office space and 8,000 sq meters of retail units.

    Total property size: 33,000 sq m Available area: 24,100 sq m

  • Freedom Palace

    Freedom Palace

    Szabadság tér 14 Office building is a wonderful turn-of-the-century palace that is being renovated totally in high quality. The property is situated in the heart of the capital, next to the biggest park of district 5. Regarding its central location the building can be reached from several locations by car and by public transportation as well. Various services are available nearby, for example restaurants, cafés, banks and retail shops.

    Total property size: 6,400 sq m Available area: 722 sq m

  • Hercegprímás utca 11.

    Hercegprímás utca 11.

    The office is 586 sqm, with an additional 20 and 14 sqm compartments for the supporting machinery. The property is located on the first floor in a century-old building of one of the most elegant and stately part of Budapest, such as Saint Stephen’s square is. The property, currently a spectacular boutique law firm, is in excellent condition, having been renovated a few years ago. It has a balcony and three partner offices overlooking Heregprimas Street and its rooms have high ceilings and design floors, in addition to being heated by air conditioning with heating pump. Its current layout includes 3 partner offices, 6 smaller offices with variable sizes to accommodate 2-4 desks each, 4 senior offices with two desks, two fully equipped meeting rooms, a conference room with a large round table, an archive and storage room, kitchen and three bathrooms with showers included. The reception is complemented with a cozy waiting salon.

    Total property size: 586 sq m Available area: 568 sq m

  • József Nádor tér Irodaház

    József Nádor tér Irodaház

    This classical style building is situated in center of Budapest in district 5th. Due to its excellent location it can be easily reached both by public transport and by car.

    Total property size: 3,300 sq m Available area: 0 sq m

  • Kálvin Square

    Kálvin Square

    The prominent “A” category Kálvin Square Office Building has a unique view onto one of the busiest traffic hubs in Budapest surrounded by amenities. This is arguably the best office location in Budapest at the intersection of the M3 and M4 metro lines and tram 47/49. Strikingly modern, the 9,000m2 building provides carefully designed interior spaces and the highest quality building management and tenant services creating a professional working atmosphere and it is surrounded by every possible leisure amenity.

    Total property size: 9,167 sq m Available area: 197 sq m

  • Krausz Palota

    Krausz Palota

    The building is located in the 6th district on Andrássy street close to the Opera. The building was built in 1884 and had an overall rennovation in 2002. Deák tér, the most important transportation junction of the city, is only a few steps from the building. Accessibility is reasonably good with several means of public transport possibilities. The building with three facades fronting the surrounding streets has two entrances, two staircases and two elevators.

    Total property size: 5,638 sq m Available area: 3,040 sq m

  • Medimpex Palota

    Medimpex Palota

    The office building is located on the most beautiful part of downtown, on the Vörösmarty Square, not far from Deak Square. It is easily accessable either by car or public transportaion. The monument building was completely refurbished and turn into offices in 1999, and in 2013 the entire building was modernized again based on contemporary requirements. Rent and service charge are not subject to VAT!

    Total property size: 3,190 sq m Available area: 549 sq m

  • Roosevelt Office Building

    Roosevelt Office Building

    This classical yet modern office building is located in Budapest's most premier location, on the bank of the Danube on Roosevelt tér. The first-class office building offers marvellous views, not only to the Danube but also to the hills of Buda, the castle, and Gellért-hegy.

    Total property size: 28,830 sq m Available area: 11,883 sq m

  • Sas Center

    Sas Center

    Sas Center - which consists of two connecting buildings - is located in the business and government district of Budapest, on the corner of Sas utca and Zrínyi utca. The offices inside the office complex are located on the upper floors offering flexible office spaces to the residents. On the ground floor space can also be rented for retail purposes. Access is easy both by car and public transportation.

    Total property size: 3,756 sq m Available area: 0 sq m

  • Ullmann Palota

    Ullmann Palota

    Office building Andrássy 11 is located in the heart of Budapest, at the corner of Andrássy Avenue (part of the World Heritage) and Káldy Gyula Street, at No. 11. It was built in 1883 based on the plans by Vilmos Freund, architect. Restoration and loft conversion of the beautiful listed building were completed in 2001, resulting in a modern office area of 2,160 m2 on a ground floor + 4 storeys. Besides the office areas there are impressive business premises on the ground floor with a stuccoed ceiling, opening onto Andrássy Avenue.

    Total property size: 2,160 sq m Available area: 1,550 sq m

  • Uniqa Plaza

    Uniqa Plaza

    Located at the corner of Kossuth L. u and Szep utca in the business and shopping area of downtown Budapest. The building is one of the highest building in downtown, originally built in 1960's, it was refurbished and totally modernised in 1999.

    Total property size: 8,142 sq m Available area: 1,081 sq m

  • Váci 1 Retail & Office Center

    Váci 1 Retail & Office Center

    Váci 1 is an exclusive mixed-use commercial building in downtown Budapest, offering a truly unique shopping and work experience on 13,000 sqm in an ideal city center setting, from June 2016. The UNESCO World Heritage listed building - constructed between 1911 and 1915 - was the historic headquarters of the first bank in Hungary, and later home to the Budapest Stock Exchange, from 1990 until 2005. The interior is constituted by heritage protected and modern elements. The former remain untouched, while the modern architectural elements will be improved both in functionality (horizontal and vertical traffic will be enabled for example) and design, to accommodate the dual function (office and retail) of the building. The developer started demolition and construction works in Q4 2015, and plans to complete the building by Q1 2016.

    Total property size: 13,800 sq m Available area: 1,724 sq m

  • Váci utca Center

    Váci utca Center

    The office building is located in Downtown, on Váci utca close to the famous Market Hall, one of Budapest's significant landmarks. The modern office building provides prime office spaces, retail area and underground parking space on four levels. The building is easily accessible both by car and public transport.

    Total property size: 10,145 sq m Available area: 1,862 sq m

  • Zászlós Irodaház

    Zászlós Irodaház

    Zászlós Office building is located in the heart of the City center, on Váci utca, Budapest’s premier pedestrian district. It is easily accessible by public transportation, bicycle and car. An abundance of restaurants, coffee shops and other services can be found just steps away from the building.

    Total property size: 8,444 sq m Available area: 0 sq m


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