Ráday Irodaház

1092 Budapest, Ráday utca

Location Central Pest
Total property size 4,556 sq m
Available area 0 sq m (HÍVJON!)
Condition Existing
Year of construction 1991 4Q
Technical specification Please contact us

Ráday office building is located in one of the most charming streets of downtown. Full with restaurants, taverns, coffee-houses, it is a well-known leisure destination of the city. The six-story building was completed in 1992, and refurbished in 2003. The main entrance is and the drive-in from the Raday street. The office building is easily accessible by car and public transportation, as well.

Public Transportation

Metro: M3 Tram: 4, 6, 51, 51A Trolley: 83 Bus: 2, 6, 54, 55, 15, 115, 212 Suburban train: H2


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